May 2012 NY Times Article

Here is a statement from a May 2012 NY Times article: “While the church does not track members by race, there are thriving Mormon churches with hundreds of black members today in many urban areas, including Washington, Chicago and New York, although African-Americans represent only a tiny fraction of the six million Mormons in the United States.” …

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Chicago’s Jabari Parker Balances Faith, Fierceness on the court

Jabari Parker has been compared to Grant Hill, but with better shooting ability As a devout Mormon, Parker strives to balance both athletics, Christian faith Parker has already paid unofficial visits to Michigan State, Kentucky and Duke See May 2012 Sports Illustrated cover story See this video:,32068,1623555317001_2114071,00.html 

Max Mueller on Blacks and the Priesthood

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Bishop Bethel Responds to Rev Dozier on Racism

See: This article includes the following: Fred Bethel, who is African-American, is a Mormon bishop in Fort Lauderdale. Here’s what he said via email: “I can appreciate Rev. Dozier’s active participation in the 2012 presidential campaign and support for his candidate. But the delegate lead Romney currently has, demonstrates that most Americans do not …

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