Bishop Bethel Responds to Rev Dozier on Racism

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Fred Bethel, who is African-American, is a Mormon bishop in Fort Lauderdale.

Here’s what he said via email:

“I can appreciate Rev. Dozier’s active participation in the 2012 presidential campaign and support for his candidate. But the delegate lead Romney currently has, demonstrates that most Americans do not share Rev Dozier’s concerns about a racial divide if Romney is the nominee. Americans are very smart and are most concerned about fixing the economy and together getting Americans back to work.As a 40 year old African American Bishop for the past five years here in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area, I have experienced a multicultural atmosphere within our house of worship. When you step into our service, it’s hard to tell which cultural group is the majority.
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Every religion has members that struggle with or embrace inequality in some form. Ours is no exception. However, just as in every religion, it’s important to separate the people and their personal struggles from the actual doctrine of the church. Three simple points help to illustrate that the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not prejudice against Blacks or any other group:

1. The Book of Mormon was originally written in, and translated from an African language, Egyptian.

2. The Book of Mormon and the LDS version of the King James Bible, actually clarifies that the use of the words “skin”, “black” and “darkness” are referring to the state of the spirit, heart and mind, and not a reference to race or literal skin color at all

3. The Doctrine & Covenants, the book of divine instructions for establishing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, clearly states numerous times that all are equal and all are to receive alike.

We would invite Rev Dozier and anyone else who would like to gain clarity on these issues to attend one of the African American Outreach Program classes put on throughout the country by regular members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or by simply viewing the Blacks in the Scriptures DVD series by Marvin Perkins and Darius Gray, two African American Latter-day Saints. Information on the DVD series and where classes are held can be found at

The Church’s position is clear—we believe all people are God’s children and are equal in His eyes and in the Church. We do not tolerate racism in any form.”


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5 thoughts on “Bishop Bethel Responds to Rev Dozier on Racism”

  1. Reinhard Haidenthaller

    The meat of this article is very well put, it clearly shatters many of the misconceptions propogated by those who do not understand the doctrine of the church. I am caucasian and have many friends who are Black who are members of the church also, as am I, and others who are not. All I can say to the detractors of the church is; 1) find out the correct doctrine, 2)have an open mind to others’ opinions as to what the doctrinal reality is before forming an opinion one way or the other. Dogmatism has no place in the truth.

  2. This clarifying information should be sent to the small LDS communities as a “must read” in the local Seminary classes and other classrooms because of so much misinformation being handed down generation to generation. This is so important..

  3. We need to be leading the way on this issue as well as other social issues including, but not limited, to same gender attraction. The Lord expects his Church to do so. The LDS Church is a World Wide Church whose blessings and knowledge are made available to all of Gods children equally and without bias. I love this website as well as northstar along with so many other insightful and loving LDS related sites. At a time of so much anger, prejudice and hate in the world, we, members of the LDS Church need to be educated and literate on these issues so we can speak with kindness and knowledge to those who want to know what we believe.

  4. This is a very helpful statement. I wish I had a better way to disseminate this information. I recently started a job as an associate teacher in Detroit Public Schools. 100% of my students, 99% of the students in the school, and about 80% of the staff are African-American. My ward in the suburbs has probably at least 10% of its inhabitants as African-Americans, if not more. Yet we have to strain to claim any African-Americans at all. We have one lady whose father was African-American, but her mother was German, she was born in Germany, raised in Germany and did not even learn English until age 10. We have another infant in the ward who was just adopted whose biological father was half African-American. My primary class is over half Hispanic, but African-American outreach needs to be jump started. I just wish I knew how to do it.

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