Review of “Blacks in the Scriptures” in Provo Daily Herald

The Provo Daily Herald reviews “Blacks in the Scriptures,” a DVD produced by Darius Gray and Marvin Perkins to educate Mormons and non-Mormons alike on some of the difficult questions related to race, the priesthood, and Church history:

Perkins, 44, thinks the DVD has value for people who are not LDS but have questions about the faith. The four-part presentation contained on the film’s two discs, he said, is “for everybody, whites, blacks, Polynesians, Latinos, Asians — everybody, both inside and outside the church.”

The most important audience, however, is Latter-day Saints. “Our desire is to cleanse the inner vessel first,” he said, referring to a metaphor used by the warrior Moroni in the LDS scriptural volume the Book of Mormon. “We’re keeping thousands of people out of the church each year because the members don’t know the answers.”

Read article by Cody Clark.

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