Mormon in Mali Works with Muslims in a Critical Struggle

Please read this powerful story of Yeah Samake, a Mormon leader in Mali who is working with the moral majority of Muslims to secure a democracy. They are fighting against Al Qaeda and others who strive to kidnap Islam.

See also his comments of the importance of President Obama’s 2008 election and ongoing opportunities; and the role that Mitt Romney has taken and could yet take in helping his country and ours.

2 thoughts on “Mormon in Mali Works with Muslims in a Critical Struggle”

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been following the story of Yeah Samake. He is an incredible person and I wish more people knew what a humble, caring and good man he truly is. As mayor of Ouelessebougou he has done wonders. People see his works and are recognizing him for what he could bring to Mali. I truly hope he becomes the first LDS head of state. His example would be a shining light to the world. You know the Lord works in mysterious ways. Maybe the people of Mali, who have reletively few LDS citizens, will have an opportunity to see what a truly rightous leader can do. This is my prayer.
    Mike Shirra, Gilbert, Arizona.

  2. These efforts are blessed. May his efforts live beyond him. May truth free our world.
    Christian and Islamic basic human ideals are very similar So why cannot believers get past vial fundamental taboos and embrace the goodness that is truth? Instead, Celebrate the Devine creation created for us all and not any longer strive to destroy it. Blow kisses not bombs. Show smiles not frowns. Speak love not hate. Cure tragedy with triumph. Praise our creator by not destroying that which is the creation of which we belong. Who is listening? I hope someone. Communication is the golden key.

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