Latter-day Saint Mayor runs for President in Mali

“In this audio interview, BYU graduate Yeah Samake shares the story of his father’s vision for education which raised an entire family from hunger to prominence.  We’ll hear how his actions eliminating corruption as Mayor of a small town brought him to the attention of national leaders in Mali, and what he hopes to accomplish if elected President of Mali in April of 2012.  You’ll also learn what it’s like for brother and sister Samake and their children to be the only members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a country with a population which is 90% Muslim.”

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4 thoughts on “Latter-day Saint Mayor runs for President in Mali”

  1. i hope he is elected president and I know that heavenly will protect him. I am black an benn a member for 24 years. I love the church and know that it is true.

  2. I pray and believe that the grace of God can be channeled in Mali through this man. He has demonstrated already the power that preisthood hold to change lives of many people to be better and to have prosperity. Wish you all the best in running for Presidency:_ from South Africa Gugulethu Branch LDS member.

  3. I am a White Latter-day Saint from the United States.

    If this fellow wins the Malian Presidency as well as Mitt Romney wins the U.S. Presidency, then there will be two international heads of state who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the same time! Maybe Samake and Romney will get a chance to meet each other on diplomatic business (and discuss some Gospel stuff).

  4. Jennie H.Leonard

    I pray with all my heart that Niankoro Yeah Samake will become the President of Mali,
    I feel the Holy Ghost watching about him and listening to him.He has the love of his people
    and the right attitude for the rebuilding of there country.I trust that this man will humbly
    and prayerfully call the powers of Heaven down to help in his enormeous task….And I do believe
    that there are many Latter Day Saints in many Countries that support him with their prayers…I will

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