Sheryl Garner: Urban school teacher and Mormon

“When people find out I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…they say, ‘No way….I’ve never met a black Mormon.’ Yeah, we exist.” recently posted a new profile and video for Sheryl Garner: “I’m a social butterfly. I’m a mama’s girl. I love to dance. I’m an urban school teacher. And I’m a Mormon.”

7 thoughts on “Sheryl Garner: Urban school teacher and Mormon”

  1. I love your video. I hope that you continue to tell people about how you came to join our church. I think you will be a great missionary and be a blessing to your people. I wish you the best!

  2. Rollin Sattler

    Sheryl –

    It is sooo good to see you again! We have often wondered what you did after your mission. You haven’t changed a bit. Still the beaming, outgoing, upbeat beautiful spirit we remember. It was good to hear your voice and see you are doing good on this earth. We would love to hear from you.

    Best wishes!

    Rollin and Joan Sattler

  3. mark s. kekevian

    I just viewed your commercial. i am proud to have you as a teacher in our awesome country. sadly in our city, 1 in 4 African American males graduate high school. If all teachers had your enthusiasm, I’M Convinced we wouldn’t have this issue. God bless you, your students and your church

  4. I have seen your I am a Mormon video and wanted to tell you that I was impressed. I was struck by how hard you try to be a good person and to do the right thing and to help others around you. I hope that as I raise my two girls (and my two boys) that their faith can influence them in the same positive way. Thanks for being a great role model. I hope the fame isn’t too annoying!

  5. Hi Sheryl….I just watched your “I’m a Mormon Video” Wow…thanks for the cry…I needed that. I can’t begin to imagine your world, but I do know that it has brought you to a place that will take you home to all that Father has to give to you…Christ’s biggest lesson and one that must be learned in this life or the next is to love unconditionally…in this you are way ahead of most of us. The man that earns your heart and is allowed the opportunity to be sealed to you in the House of the Lord for time and all eternity will be one very blessed guy. Remember, guys can be slow learners, so have patience with hem but do not compromise on one thing… his testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints….even if you have to convert him first….just find one you can work with, and love him. Wow…you are over powering…If Mitt Romney makes it to the White House…please send him your resume…our country needs people like you! I would love to hear how your life unfolds, please drop me a line from time to time…and if you ever need any

  6. George Struebing

    You remind me so much of my energy when I first started to teach way back in 1970. I have since retired after what I feel was a very very successful career. The key to your success as well as my own is your passion for the job and the kids. Never loose that. I taught at the high school level in California for 36 years and always had a skip in my step when I walked through the door. Like you, the church was always a major player in my attitude and job performance. My school was 75% Black Hispanic, but that never made the least bit of a difference to me. They were all, for the most part, great kids. Your video reflects your spirit and love of life. If you are not married yet, someone is missing a great bet with you. Keep the faith and you will continue to be blessed!

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