David Ameyaw – Ghana Dental School Graduate

The first member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to graduate from the University of Ghana Dental School / Korlebu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana, is David Ameyaw, age 33. He received his diploma on March 27, 2010 and was inducted into the dental profession by the Medical – Dental Council of Ghana on April 29, 2010. …

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4 thoughts on “David Ameyaw – Ghana Dental School Graduate”

  1. I wanted to congraduate David. I love the pictures and story. I am in dental assisting school in Spokane, Washington, USA and I have a dream to help out others in another country. I am will finish my studies in October 2010 and go out on a 6 week externship. I am having a difficult time trying to pay for school and work part time in caregiving, but I do want to finish. Is there any chance i can contact David via email? His story touched my heart. I too am a new LDS memember, this July will be one year for me. Sincerely, Sister Sandy

  2. First Dr. Kissi and now Dr. Ameyaw. Ghanaian Latter-day Saints seem to be heading into the medical fields. It tells us a lot of the progress of the last 30 years that Dr. Kissi recieved his MD in Britain (which is where he joined the Church) while Dr. Ameyaw was able to recieve his education in Ghana. Ghana seems to be one of the prospering places of Africa.

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