Elder Sitati’s Talk: Blessings of the Gospel Available to All

God’s children on the earth today have the opportunity to understand His plan of happiness for them more fully than at any other time.

o2009pulpit_5_6_sitatA few weeks ago Elder Melvin R. Perkins, who is an Area Seventy serving in Alaska, and I stood at the pulpit in front of the congregation of the Vancouver British Columbia Stake in Canada. In a moving voice he invited the Saints to consider the image before them: a descendant of Mormon handcart pioneers and a pioneer convert of the Church from a faraway African nation serving the Lord side by side. …

(October 2009 General Conference talk by Elder Joseph W. Sitati of the Seventy)

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    As my former mission President,he gave part of this speach as it applied to us then and now. From his own life, you will see a clear picture of what he teachers.I pray to have the ability to apply his teachings of the gospel.Following his examples in applying the gospel at home brings a kind of pease in the heart of that is invovled.

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