Mariama Kallon flees Sierra Leone

When Mariama Kallon was fleeing the rebels in Sierra Leone, she grabbed her scriptures and the plastic bag with her hygiene kit in it.

She still has parts of the kit.

“It blessed the lives of over 25 women in three weeks,” Kallon said of their time in the refugee camp. The women would line up and she would give them each a pinch of toothpaste. They used the bars of soap sparingly to make them last.

They didn’t use the shampoo — it wasn’t labeled and they didn’t know what it was.

Kallon had lost family members during the civil war and ended up with friends who were members of the church. For some of the missionary discussions, she walked three miles to the chapel.

She later served a mission at Temple Square. She brought her scriptures, both changes of clothes that she had and the hygiene kit when she entered the MTC.

Later she was reunited with her little sister and nephew when a Lehi family brought them to the United States, she said during her at-times-emotional presentation of her conversion and the promises that were fulfilled to her.

“Heavenly Father loves each and every one of his children,” Kallon said.